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Mainstreet Bakery is a wholesale bakery with a comprehensive offering of fresh-baked goods including Artisan and traditional loaf breads, a variety of buns and rolls, a huge selection of breakfast products, and gourmet and custom desserts.

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Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Bring a little “N'York” to your menu! A traditional New York Style Cheesecake is richer, creamier and smoother than its generic counterpart, and our famous Salted Caramel Cheesecake is no exception.


A special mixture of cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, and real eggs blended to perfection give this cake its exceptionally smooth texture. The batter sits atop a buttery graham cracker crust, and is drizzled generously with creamy caramel sauce and sprinkled with real sea salt.


Give your customers a real treat with this trendy pairing of salty and sweet, and have every true New Yorker fooled in a New York minute!


Mention offer code CARAMEL for 15% off*!

*Offer valid 6/29 - 7/12 on Tres Leches Cake only!

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I’m very happy with everything from production to delivery. [The products are] fresh and consistent, which is hard to get from bakeries these days. Mainstreet Bakery’s goods sell themselves!”
Jubilee Foods
It’s clear that everyone at Mainstreet Bakery cares about their customers. They will always go the extra mile whether it’s to provide detailed value-add information on their products or adding one loaf of bread to an order!
Christine, Small Business Owner
As a cook for a small family owned restaurant, being able to rely on vendors is essential to our business. I know that I can trust Mainstreet to deliver on-time, fresh and with a smile every time!
Sous Chef, Minnetonka, MN